Shark Tank ‘spinoff’ to go live without securing the dot .com

The highly entertaining TV show, Shark Tank, utilizes the different personalities of five angel investors, judging the viability of entrepreneurs seeking capital.

Yesterday, ABC that it was moving forward with a spin-off titled Beyond the Tank, which will follow up on the results those that received investments by the show.


Beyond the Tank is a great title that attempts to increase the network’s investment in Shark Tank, but there is one slight problem: no dot .com to go with it.

Despite the penetration of social media into brands, a dot com is still considered the top priority in branding, and was registered in June of this year by someone – just not by ABC Network.

Perhaps, there is a lesson to be learned here: don’t leak information about an upcoming show before securing the dot .com first.

For the announcement of “Beyond the Tank”, click here.


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  1. DonnyM says:

    I thought your where going to make fun of them not owning 🙂

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