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Bendgate: Huge Domains points the dot .com to a GoDaddy purchase page

"Bendgate" - Your iPhone 6+ might snap.

“Bendgate” – Your iPhone 6+ might snap.

The “bendgate” hashtag was trending on social media on Wednesday, thanks to a video demonstrating the bending potential of the iPhone 6+.

Since that video turned viral, another one demonstrates the uniqueness of the problem, as neither the iPhone 6 (standard) or the Moto X and HTC One M8 have that issue.

Regardless, BendGate.com is a domain registered to Huge Domains, a well known outfit of the domain registrar NameBright.

Registered in 2010, BendGate.com was parked at a typical HugeDomains lander until recently; it has since been moved to a GoDaddy buyer’s page – apparently as a premium domain.

With a selling price of $1,895 it is quite possible that some careless individual will add it to their cart and check out, ignoring the purchase price.

Smart or dumb? You decide.


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2 Responses to “Bendgate: Huge Domains points the dot .com to a GoDaddy purchase page”
  1. Francois says:

    Cannot beleive I lost 10 mn this morning watching this idiot bending smartphones … LOL

  2. Raj Domains says:

    BendGate.com was parked again as premiun domain at a price of $1,895 … thats dumb maybe

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