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Bendgate II : More than 500,000,000 .XYZ domains prone to Registry bending

If you thought that the “Bendgate” problem was an isolated incident affecting the Apple iPhone 6, think again. According to new reports from nTLDStats, more than 500,000,000 .XYZ domain names, roughly half of the total number of registrations – suffer from QC issues during the registration process. “It’s a processing flaw, no doubt, the last […]

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Bendgate: Huge Domains points the dot .com to a GoDaddy purchase page

The “bendgate” hashtag was trending on social media on Wednesday, thanks to a video demonstrating the bending potential of the iPhone 6+. Since that video turned viral, another one demonstrates the uniqueness of the problem, as neither the iPhone 6 (standard) or the Moto X and HTC One M8 have that issue. Regardless, BendGate.com is […]

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