Stolen at GoDaddy and sold at Ename: is a stolen domain – Part 2

Yesterday we unveiled how is a stolen domain name, currently in the hands of a China based registrant.

After contacting its legitimate owner, Mr. Sean O’Carroll, he explained to us how despite being a neighbor to GoDaddy’s HQ in Arizona, little was done since he filed a report late last year. was sold up to three times on, the Chinese domain registrar and auction venue that also resists the return of the stolen domain name,

Using the DomainTools historic WHOIS tool, we will now unveil how changed hands.

On 10/24/2013, was moved to from GoDaddy, and the WHOIS info was changed to the following:

Domain Name :  Registrar: eName Technology Co.,Ltd.
Registrant Contact Information :  mai mai ti ai limai ti ke ri mu mai mai ti ai li mai ti ke ri mu
CN Xinjiang Wulumuqishi bei wan jie nan shi jiu xiang xiu he yuan xiao qu 22701 830000
tel: 86 18999945287  fax: 86 18999945287

Domain investor George Hong of told us that the Registrant Contact Information line is in fact a statement announcing that the domain is available for sale.

This WHOIS information should be considered to be the identity of the thief, who stole and sold it on Ename.

On 1/18/2014 the WHOIS changes as follows:

Registrant Contact Information :  zhenghuashan zhenghuashan
CN fu jian quan zhou shi jinjiangshi dianxinxindalou 362000
tel: 86 18906999210  fax: 86 18906999210

It appears that the domain was sold on, but two months later it is sold again, and the WHOIS info changes:

Registrant Contact Information :  hugo hugo
CN Sichuan Chengdushi chengdushi 610000
tel: 86 02888888888  fax: 86 02888888888

This is obviously bogus information, except for the email address. There is no change, until 6/8/2014, when it changes to the current info:

Registrant Name: panxianjin
Registrant Organization: panxianjin
Registrant Street: yingbindadao10hao
Registrant City: Yanchengshi
Registrant State/Province: Jiangsu
Registrant Postal Code: 224000
Registrant Country: CN
Registrant Phone: +86.051588255686 Registrant Phone Ext:  Registrant Fax: +86.051588255686 Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:

It appears that the current holder of the stolen domain is a legitimate domain investor, potentially unaware of the status of the domain.

When stolen domains are sold and laundered several times over; the last one to get the domain is stuck with a stolen property they might otherwise consider a legitimate purchase!

With the proliferation of domain auction marketplaces in China, both and 4.CN must enforce stricter rules regarding the sale of domain names, keeping detailed information about the seller and recording such transactions.

No doubt, the cost of enforcing international law across the pond to China is a hard task, but cyberthieves should not rest believing they will get away with a domain theft.

The case about the stolen domain, is open, and we’ll update you with any news as it happens.


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One Response to “Stolen at GoDaddy and sold at Ename: is a stolen domain – Part 2”
  1. domain investor says:

    ICANN should strip of their registrar accreditation.

    ICANN please do your job!

    Every registrar which does NOT return stolen domains should automatically lose their registrar accreditation.

    Thanks for keeping up the reporting on this issue.

    These chinese domain thieves are a danger for every domain investor who owns valuable names.

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