The Domain King’s latest #domain acquisitions

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, has been busy cherry-picking domain names in the aftermarket, making some cool acquisitions.

Rick’s favorite aftermarket platform appears to be DropCatch, a popular marketplace for domain investors and end-user bidders.

In recent weeks, Rick’s added several new domains he won at DropCatch auctions and here’s a portion of these acquisitions:

  • – $1,451 dollars
  • – $2,050 dollars
  • – $4,485 dollars
  • – $1,150 dollars
  •  – $419 dollars
  • – $459 dollars

It seems that the sweet spot for Rick Schwartz’s bids is between $1k and $2k but Rick will spend more money for quality domain names.

Would you have spent more money, had you known Rick was bidding? 🙂

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2 Responses to “The Domain King’s latest #domain acquisitions”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    nozzy is worth more than four times yozzy. i don’t think so.

  2. J.R. says:


    I wouldn’t have spent more than $500 on any name on that list. But overpaying on Drop catch is normal for everyone, because it is a public auction forum. These are not the typical domain names Rick sales to end users.

    For $10k, he could have done much better on the aftermarket.

    But he is so rich, $10K is pennies to him, and super bankroll for me.

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