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Twitter4Ever : Which is Rick Schwartz’s first domain name?


The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

It’s official: Rick Schwartz will stay on Twitter for now, with no plans to return to active blogging soon, if ever.

Despite what the majority of the Domain King®’s fans wished for, Rick’s commitment to Twitter – a medium that he took to actively since November – seems rather solid.

Recent domain acquisitions, such as KingTweets.com, clearly define Rick’s strategy for engaging with other domainers.

Ever wondered what was Rick Schwartz’s very first domain name?

It was LipService.com, a domain he has owned since December 27, 1995.

LipService.com even survived a UDRP in 2000, filed by the registrants of Lip-Service.com!

The story was shared in a Domain Sherpa interview from 2011, where Rick explains why he picked that domain:

Michael: Over 15 years ago you registered your very first domain name. It was lipservice.com. Why did you register lip service? Was that an adult name or was that I’m giving you lip service, I’ll tell you I’m going to do something but I won’t actually do it?

Rick: I will tell you really simple. I had the guy on the phone and he says the first thing you need to do is you have got to tell me your domain name. To put some banners on it or whatever I wanted at that time.

Michael: Because you wanted to advertise your vanity phone numbers?

Rick: Exactly. I said domain name, what is that? Well he tells me what the domain name is. Okay so I think for ten seconds, I’m on the hot seat. It’s like you asking me to think of a domain name. Shit. LipService.com because I thought that was pretty good with what I have with the vanity numbers. Okay LipService.com. And bingo. I was almost out of business as fast as I was in the business because about 30 days later the guy that I hooked the domains up with told the ISP oh he has these 800 numbers on there and they pulled the plug. So that was my first month. So then I had to find someone that would have no problem taking my 800 numbers on them.

Remarkable story indeed, so make sure you follow Rick Schwartz on Twitter, at @DomainKing.

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2 Responses to “Twitter4Ever : Which is Rick Schwartz’s first domain name?”
  1. brand says:

    Great interview, i watch it all the time.
    I found it very interesting how he started with vanity numbers.

  2. Bob says:

    Great stuff. Timing is everything…

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