Uniregistry: Domainers live longer in the Caymans

Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry has another reason to celebrate its recent launch of a domain registrar: longevity of domain registrations through better health of their registrants.

“In the Caymans we have between 349 to 360 days of full sunshine every year,” said Frank Schilling.

“It’s a known fact that sunshine stimulates growth, eliminates depression and leads to better, healthier living, particularly considering that at hotter climates people show off their bodies!” exclaimed Schilling, smiling.

The average domainer keeping domains at Uniregistry has a life expectation of 82.4 years, according to recent studies; in comparison, if you keep your domains at a Copenhagen registrar you might die at age 65.

“Numbers have a unique function in life, and at Uniregistry we want you to enjoy life – to prosper and live longer,” said Frank Schilling, adding: “It’s not a secret that the next best gift is a photo of you next to a sexy girl with a tattoo, holding your guitar. Here’s the link and the pics that go with it!”

Uniregistry is launching new gTLDs on April 15th; now it’s the time to get your own domain from the Caymans and stay healthy for years to come.

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  1. Frank says:

    Love it Theo!

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