Uniregistry wins battle of finger-pointing among domain registrars in See.com case


Uniregistry is the new See.com registrar.

When See.com got stolen for the first time, it was in the mid-2000’s; an Iranian hacker known for his social engineering skills infiltrated Network Solutions and gained control of it, temporarily.

That time around, See.com owner, Mike Loucks, involved legal motions from his immediate family that are law professionals.

In the recent escapade that involved losing registrar Moniker, the domain was moved by the thieves to eNom.

Dealing with bureaucracy can sometimes be worse that dealing with the thieves directly, and there was plenty of delay in reuniting Loucks with his domain name.

ICANN regulations typically mandate any such unauthorized domain transfer to be reverted, in other words, the domain See.com would have normally been moved from eNom back to Moniker.

In this case, it was left up to the owner to decide, and he chose to move See.com to Uniregistry.

Clearly a win for Frank Schilling‘s domain registrar, that offers a modern domain management system and two-factor authentication via the use of an app.

The See.com incident is a reminder that ICANN needs to step in and change the domain ownership protocol, incorporating digital title certificates for domain names.

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