Want to know a domainer’s account and password? Just ask!

Time to change your passwords.

Time to change your passwords.

Good old social engineering is the #1 method to interactively obtain a domain owner’s account credentials.

Whether it’s their account username, or their password, domainers leak this type of information in a social setting, so if you attended one of the many NamesCon after-parties, dinners or gatherings, you might need to change your password!

That’s right: if you told Frank Schilling of Uniregistry your dog’s name, and if Colin Campbell of .CLUB knows your high school graduation year, you might be in trouble, so change your password to something confusing ASAP! 😀

Seriously, however, people fall prey to social engineering quite easily, surrendering all this info simply by being asked.

The video below demonstrates just that.

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