WikiLeaks fans instill Julian Assange as TIME’s person of the year

The electronic war games continue.

A few hours ago, apparent WikiLeaks fans operating from an IP in Dublin, Ireland, removed Mark Zuckerberg’s name as TIME Magazine’s person of the year for 2010.

The change occurred in the WikiPedia entry for the TIME Person of the Year.

In its place, they put the name of controversial WikiLeaks operator, Julian Assange.

The perpetrator changed the information three times, but the attack only lasted a few minutes, as another WikiPedia contributor edited out the information and restored Mark Zuckerberg’s name to the 2010 entry.

Screenshot of the changes made on WikiPedia by WikiLeaks fans.

It is perhaps noteworthy that the WikiPedia contributor who fixed the defacement operated from an Airforce military IP that cannot be accurately pinpointed.

We’re definitely witnessing strange times, both with the controversy over WikiLeaks and the selection of Mark Zuckerberg by TIME Magazine. The latter, has made some extreme choices in the past, including Adolf Hitler as man of the year for 1938.

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