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XXXVideos.com WHOIS back to the Domain King® : Did the buyer fail to make payments?

In September, our exclusive report that the Domain King®, Rick Schwartz, had sold XXXVideos.com was confirmed by DNJournal, where the selling price was quoted at $1,368,000 dollars.

Without any doubt, it was a price that matches the value of popular, adult industry terms, such as videos in the “XXX” realm.

Since then, XXXVideos.com was pointed to third party content [NSFW] related to adult cameras – until this past week.

For some odd reason, the domain is now back to parking at Vooodoo DNS, and the WHOIS shows Rick Schwartz’s information once again. These changes occurred on January 5, 2017 according to DomainTools.

The only reason this would happen, is that the buyer had agreed to some type of payment plan and they failed to make payments, or they used other parts of the agreement to exit this “joint venture.”

Whatever the reason, the domain is clearly once again in the possession of the Domain King®, who is known for his successful high price sales of both generic, and adult domain names.

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