YaCy – Germans to the rescue as Google enters the 4th Reich

YaCy - Decentralized web search!

With Google becoming the epitome of evil with regards to search results, Europeans naturally want to break away from the search engine that wants to overtake the world.

YaCypronounced “yah-see” – is a new peer-to-peer search engine created by a German software company, that utilizes networked systems to index the web and deliver search results.

Instead of using massive databases to perform searches and build search lists, everyone who downloads and runs the YaCy software is assisting with the search results.

Not only that, but no user search data is stored, all while searches are encrypted –  a big plus from privacy advocates that often lash at Google’s intrusive search pattern and massive storage of personal information.

According to the YaCy web site:

“Imagine if, rather than relying on the proprietary software of a large professional search engine operator, your search engine was run by many private computers which aren’t under the control of any one company or individual. Well, that’s what YaCy does! The resulting decentralized web search currently has about 1.4 billion documents in its index (and growing – download and install YaCy to help out!) and more than 600 peer operators contribute each month. About 130,000 search queries are performed with this network each day.”

The YaCy software is free and can be downloaded for Windows, Linux and OSX. We will most definitely be checking it out!


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