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Zero posts from Rick Schwartz since Friday trigger #anxiety among #domainers

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

The lack of any posts by the Domain King, Rick Schwartz, since Friday, has generated large amounts of anxiety among domain investors.

A recent barrage of empowering blog posts have infused Rick Schwartz’s daily dosage of wisdom to the minds of every domainer.

Rick’s last post was made on Friday, with a prompt to plant seeds every day.

That story has already contributed to the successful sale of a seed-related domain, hours later.

Domain investors are now agonizing, as today is Monday and Rick Schwartz is “missing in action” for more than 48 hours, and zero posts.

“I got up at 6:30am on a Monday morning, expecting to read Rick’s advice on what to do with my domain names, and saw zero posts, triggering my PTSD,” said Miles G., a domain investor from Illinois.

“Every second that passes without the Domain King’s posts, drags me deeper into depression – at this rate, I will have to go back to registering six and seven digit .com domains, trade Bitcoin and drink uncontrollably!” exclaimed Miles G., visibly nervous.

By providing useful information on domain names, along with anecdotes from 1995-2000, Rick Schwartz and his blog have become a must-read for newbies seeking direction, and for seasoned domainers in need of a reality check, as far as domain investments go.

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