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Domain names, Olympic tweets and chicks with toned bodies


You might not be able to read this editorial, because for the past 20+ hours, DomainGang is being hammered by thousands of visitors.

Our article about Voula Papachristouthe Greek triple-jumper with the toned body and nice glutes – went viral; thousands of Olympic ogling males are looking for pictures of the banned athlete.

It’s fascinating to witness such a thirst for imagery that is not pornographic; with the proliferation of “free” adult content and “tubes”, one would expect that fully dressed women don’t create so much interest.

The truth is, that the curious mind of humans wants pictures; we want to visualize what we’re told that exists. We are not convinced until a picture – that’s still worth one thousand words, apparently – is shown to us.

It’s sad seeing Voula Papachristou shoot her Olympic dreams down with a single tweet; at age 23, she was a promising finalist for the London Olympics. Social media can break one’s dreams, particularly those of public figures that are careless with what they talk about in public.

See you in 4 years, Voula; hopefully still active in sports and more mature about what you tweet.


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