Big Joe Bubba awaits former Snapnames employee Nelson “Halvarez” Brady at the federal prison

Looks like the cover is officially busted; former VP of Engineering at Snapnames Nelson Brady is the notorious “Halvarez” who bid up thousands of auctions thus driving selling prices severalfold. In the event of successful bids, he made sure that he’d issue refunds to himself – a sure winning situation.

This practice cost thousands of dollars to many between 2005 and 2007, myself included. Snapnames issued guidelines at

Nelson, Big Joe Bubba is patiently waiting for you to drop the soap in the shower at the federal prison.

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9 Responses to “Big Joe Bubba awaits former Snapnames employee Nelson “Halvarez” Brady at the federal prison”
  1. At last, the elusive Halvarez is put to rest!

  2. Paul Kapschock says:

    This injustice has impacted all of us…….but….

    This should be great fodder for you guys….have fun with it !


  3. pitbullstew says:

    Looks like bubba isnt the only one waiting? Can you spell class action suit?

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  4. pitbullstew says:

    keep moving , nothing to see here folks, thats right, keep moving, thats right, keep moving-
    > Our File Number: FF++++-09
    > Complaint About: Inc.
    > Thank you for the information that you sent us. Although there does not now appear to be a need for an investigation or legal action, we will keep your information on file as part of the public record.
    > Our primary goal is to identify and eliminate the most serious marketplace violations, and many factors are considered in determining what cases we should pursue.
    > We appreciate the time that you took to alert us to a possible problem in the marketplace. Your information may prove to be valuable in a future enforcement action.
    > If you need to contact us about your complaint, please write to me and note your file number: FF++++-09, or contact me by phone at 503-934-4400 or e-mail at
    > Heather McFarlane-Martinez
    > Enforcement Officer
    > Financial Fraud/Consumer Protection Section
    > Oregon Department of Justice

  5. pitbullstew says:

    This basically releases anyone, anything or any entity in the whole world that has had anything whatsoever to do with Snapnames, Oversee, their stockholders (including Brady), accountants (who may have been in collusion – see ENRON) attorneys (who may have given bad advice), affiliates (God knows who THEY are), licensees (what do THEY have to do with this?) and consultants (??????).

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