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Your domain expires in 7 days, says Gobble Registrar Systems

A typical webmaster from the 1990's.

Hello, Bob.

Hello Bob,

This is your domain registrar, Gobble Registrar Systems.

It has come to our attention that your domain, JunkIDidntWantToBuy.com, is expiring soon.

In fact, it’s expiring in 7 days from today.

Many domain investors would love to own this premium domain, and if you don’t renew it, someone might grab it.

Here at Gobble Registrar Systems we care for your domain portfolio more than you know. In fact, we aren’t in this business for the money; we simply want to make people who register domains happy.

That’s right, Bob, you can be truly happy by renewing JunkIDidntWantToBuy.com, before 7 days pass. It will cost you only $2 dollars a month plus the ICANN fee of $0.18.

But that’s not all!

We’re giving you a WHOIS privacy service – a $5.99 value – absolutely free (there is a $2.99 surcharge for operational purposes plus applicable taxes for the states of Delaware, Texas, California, Florida and New York or the other US states.)

Think of all the privacy you will enjoy once you renew your domain, which expires in 7 days.

Right now, JunkIDidntWantToBuy.com is valued at $822.90 at DomainsForValuedCustomers.com, a free service we operate, valuating domains before their owners let them expire.

That’s right, in 7 days you risk losing a value of $822.90 if you fail to renew, and most domain owners never realize the value of their domains – but we tell you, up front!

By renewing your domain right now you’re gaining so many things from us, you’d be glad you did!

Most domain investors will envy you for it, so don’t delay, renew JunkIDidntWantToBuy.com today!

Friends for life,

Gobble Registrar Systems.

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