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Domain conference : NamesCon 2016 already selling big!

How do you prepare for the biggest domain conference in 2016? By planning for it 12 months in advance, of course. 😀 NamesCon 2015 was an absolute success, and a record-setter in terms of pure attendance. Next year’s event is scheduled for January 10, 2016 to January 13, 2016 and tickets for the event are […]

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Jodi Chamberlain launches 32 Events

Event management wizard, Jodi Chamberlain, of TRAFFIC fame, has launched a new web site today, 32Events. 32Events “is a visionary events management agency dedicated to providing seamless event coordination for everything from social parties to industry trade shows and business engagements.” According to their web site: “We are a boutique goal-oriented company that aims to […]

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