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Domain flags : Afghanistan (.AF), country of Afghani domainers

We’re rolling out Domain Flags, an informative coverage of national ccTLD domains. The alphabetical list begins with Afghanistan, the country of Afghani domainers. The matching national domain of Afghanistan is .AF and it was secured on October 16, 1997. Afghani domain investors are proud of their heritage, and if you are a domainer from Afghanistan, […]

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Taliban Domains: Entrepreneurship in Afghanistan

Decades of war in the remote country of Afghanistan have stolen business opportunities from most local entrepreneurs. With the majority of the adult population engaging either in arms fighting (“Taliban“) or the growing of poppies to produce opium, it’s refreshing to see a local businessman focus on technology and the Internet. Mostafa Ali Ibrahim operates […]

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BlastBoxers – Protect your ‘Family Jewels’ with kevlar underwear

Are you a domainer serving in the military or do you have loved ones who do? If so, you might consider getting hold of a very special gift for the coming holiday season. Many members of the military are currently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, fighting for freedom, democracy and the expansion of the US […]

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