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Uniregistry exhibit hacked by .IO Registry at NamesCon

The Uniregistry exhibit at NamesCon 2017 was hacked earlier tonight, and thousands of visitors strolling down the main hallway of the Tropicana hotel, witnessed a rare phenomenon: an .IO domain in the wild. Hours after Uniregistry set up the promotional exhibit showcasing dot .audio, the intervention of pranksters most likely affiliated with the .IO Registry […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Chilling audio of 911 call by desperate domainer during actual recession period

Several days ago we published the transcript of a 911 call by a desperate domainer who had been duped by Hank Alvarez. The audio of this amazing incident is now available and it’s truly CHILLING. It’s evidence of harm caused by the illustrious Hank Alvarez and of the sheer luck of one domainer who attempted […]

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