Here we go again: #domain auction ended at $5,222 dollars

The DropCatch auction for the domain name has ended – for the fourth time in a row. Deadbeat bidders have sent this great domain drop to auction. Instead of sending the domain to the 2nd highest bidder, DropCatch starts the process all over again. The latest round ended at $5,222 dollars with DropCatch bidder […]

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The domain is being auctioned for the 4th time at DropCatch! No, its owners didn’t put this beauty up for sale, it’s that 3 deadbeat auction winners didn’t pay the price. The last auction of ended on March 13, and the winner had to pay $5,050 dollars. Apparently, they never did. What a […]

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#BestApp .com : #Domain back in auction after high bidder bails out

The nice domain name, is back in auction at DropCatch, after an apparent deadbeat winner failed to pay the first auction’s proceeds. What a jackass. The auction ended at $5,250 dollars last week, according to NameBio. DropCatch has hopefully kicked out the deadbeat bidder, and now the auction is at $1,550 dollars with 2 […]

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