#BestApp .com : #Domain back in auction after high bidder bails out

The nice domain name, BestApp.com is back in auction at DropCatch, after an apparent deadbeat winner failed to pay the first auction’s proceeds.

What a jackass.

The auction ended at $5,250 dollars last week, according to NameBio.

DropCatch has hopefully kicked out the deadbeat bidder, and now the auction is at $1,550 dollars with 2 days and 23 hours to go.

Strangely, other comparative sales provided by the popular domain sales tracker include a spicy one, BestBlowjobs.com, per below.

This comp list shows two things: NameBio might want to implement an adult domain filter for comps, so that some don’t freak out by the “best blowjobs” reference, and also that GoDaddy auctions can go dead cheap – by a factor of 10 on this comp list.

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2 Responses to “#BestApp .com : #Domain back in auction after high bidder bails out”
  1. Nidal Kadri says:

    DropCatch are re-auctioning this one: BestApp.com for the third time in two months!
    I am a bidder on this one for the third time too! They have to change their policy and award the domain for the highest second bidder (snapnames do this).

  2. DomainGang says:

    Nidal – I wasn’t aware of that, thanks for letting me know. Also, I agree, the 2nd bidder should get the domain, unless that bidder actually runs up the auction! That’s what happened with SnapNames a decade ago.

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