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GoDaddy moves to reCaptcha system; the changes break domain WHOIS links

GoDaddy has given up its custom-made captcha system, used for the WHOIS queries page. After years of using a proprietary system to confirm the function is performed by a human, and not by “unscrupulous spammers,” GoDaddy moved to reCaptcha. The system is widely used by many companies, including DomainTools. There is, however, a small problem: […]

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DomainTools : The only time the WHOIS captcha would fail

Using DomainTools to look up the WHOIS information of domain names is a snap. The oldest domain research tool that provides WHOIS data on millions of domain names, is a very busy destination on the Internet. With an Alexa traffic rank of 2,000 DomainTools relies on the use of a slow down mechanism to prevent […]

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It’s captcha time : Uniregistry adds math challenge to contact forms

Looks like Uniregistry is tired of spam offers from spambots, and they are responding in kind. Domains parked at Domain Name Sales with a Contact Form instead of the usual PPC ad page, will now get an improved contact form that contains a captcha. The challenge is mathematical: a pair of additions or subtractions of […]

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