applies for #trademark registration at the USPTO

The registrant of, a 1998 domain, has applied for the registration of the mark CARS.COM at the USPTO. The trademark application was filed for “Advertising Services.” In 2015, domain sleuth George Kirikos identified the 2014 sales cost of the domain at an astounding $872,320,000 dollars. The last recorded sale of shows an […]

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The ultra-rich residents of Dubai and other Emirates, can now peruse a web site for finding a license plate that matches their needs. Costing from a “few” hundred thousand dollars, to millions, having a short numeric car plate is a must, in oil-rich Middle East. The web site is offering a feature to customize […]

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Daniel Negari : New .Car, .Cars and .Auto domains arrive with full GPS

A promotional launch of a triad of automotive gTLDs could not have been bigger. Dot .Car, dot .Cars and dot .Auto represent a joint venture of the XYZ Registry and Uniregistry; in true Californian fashion, they are going live with a big bang. “We wanted to let everyone know how much value these domains represent […]

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Toyota, Honda, BMW, Lexus, Bentley register dot .Car, .Cars, .Auto domains

Ladies and gents, start your domain engines! The sunrise period started today for the holy triad of automobile gTLDs: dot .Car, dot .Cars and dot .Auto. The joint venture of XYZ with Uniregistry already lined up several major automotive manufacturers, that grabbed their respective brands in all 3 gTLDs available. Toyota was first, followed by […]

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