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Mark.com: Mondays are the worst days to get your message across

Did you really wake up feeling great today? If so, you must be an exception and in need of medical attention! A survey conducted by the University of Miami associates ‘good feelings’ on a Monday with underlying psychopathic conditions; all while the normal state of mind dictates Mondays are the crappiest days of the week. […]

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Taxes and .pw domains: they both suck!

Domain investing is a serious business. We can talk all day about the new .pw domains – although I am not sure who in their right mind would go after a bunch of “pigeon weed” ccTLDs. Definitely neither Mike, or us for that matter. Ah, yes, taxes. They also suck. However, because the economy, no […]

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$2 Billion Dollars spent today!

Two related companies, Microsoft and Facebook, spent a combined $2 billion dollars today. Microsoft, a long term Facebook supporter, bought several hundred patents that once popular community, America Online, held for almost 15 years. By spending $1.056 billion dollars on those 800 patents, Microsoft is thus shielding partner giant Facebook from any potential competition regarding […]

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