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Catalonia : Dot .CAT domain foundation issues statement on Spanish police raid

Fundació puntCAT, the dot .CAT domain registry, has just issued a statement on today’s arrest of its director, Pep Masoliver, by the Spanish police: The Fundació puntCAT wants to express its utmost condemnation, indignation and reprobation for the actions that it has been suffering lately with successive judicial mandates, searches and finally the arrest of […]

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Meowrrr???!! Dog lovers gang up on cats

The massive list of ICANN gTLD applications – all 1930 of them – contains several pet-related gTLDs that have been applied for. Among them, .Pet (2x) and .Pets along with .Dog (3x). But the .Cats application is nowhere to be seen, which makes us feline lovers feel very, very upset! 🙁 That’s the price to […]

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