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Video : Cate Colgan shaves head for charity at Water Night during NamesCon 2017

Courageous Cate Colgan sacrificed her full head of hair during Water Night, at NamesCon yesterday. The New York native, who lives in Florida, sat patiently as Andee Hill used military grade clippers, and shaved her hair off. Cate was clearly having fun during the event attended by several hundred NamesCon 2017 attendees. She was cheered […]

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The Chinese do it faster: Free Wheelchair Mission assembly

Don and Laurie Schoendorfer were vacationing in Morocco  when they witnessed the plight of a disabled woman struggling to drag herself across a dirt road. Ignored by the crowds and barely evading traffic, the woman’s hardship was a scene the couple would be unable to forget upon their return to life in southern California. The […]

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