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#Chinese domain spammer uses dot .Win #domains flooding mailboxes

A serial domain spammer from China continues to harass domain owners, by flooding mailboxes with fake “Final Reminder” notices. The phuckstick utilizes dot .Win domain names registered with the Now.CN domain registrar in China. Dot .Win is a new gTLD domain operated by Famous Four Media. We recently came across this dirty scammer from China […]

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Chinese spammer offers $150 per premium LLLL .com

Domain spam that originates in China can be quite annoying, as the “Chips” game spread globally during the past 18 months. Direct inquiries about a particular domain are generally ok, but robo-spamming the entire AAAA-ZZZZ sequence is not cool at all. One such Chinese spammer sends the following email, translated: “Hello your four-letter com 1000 […]

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