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WannaCry 2.0 thwarted via registration of ifferfsodp9ifjaposdfjhgosurijfaewrwergwea.com domain

The scumbags behind the release of WannaCry ransomware hit again with WannaCry 2.0; this time around, specialists managed to cut their new venture short, quickly. Just like with the first ransomware wave, the second one had a built-in “kill switch,” that was enabled via the query of a domain. How the thwarting works: If the […]

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Secure Domain Foundation: Formation of new non-profit organization against cyber criminals

A new press release announces the formation of the Secure Domain Foundation at ICANN 49 in Singapore. Operating from SecureDomain.org, the foundation represents the following modus operandi: “The Secure Domain Foundation (SDF) is a Canadian incorporated not-for-profit organization dedicated to the vision of an open and secure Internet. We are a public benefit community driven organization. […]

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