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Celebrity divorce : Grandma Heidi Powell laughs last about the #domain HeidiPowell.com

Grandma Heidi Powell fought hard to keep her domain HeidiPowell.com but a travesty lawsuit gave it away to a weight loss celebrity by the same name. The decision to take away her matching domain name was based on a bankruptcy and lots of creative lawyering. Grandma Heidi Powell bent under pressure and the financial cost […]

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Bad domain karma : NiRA pulls the plug on Nigerian registrar, DomainKing.NG

Nigeria’s Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has pulled the plug on DomainKing.NG, suspending its services. The Nigerian registrar with direct ties to India, has been the focus of an Indian police investigation, after its founders were arrested earlier this month. On top of fraud allegations, potential ties to support of terrorist activities are under investigation. After […]

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