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“Grandma” Heidi Powell moves to dashed #domain variant

Heidi Powell, affectionately known as “Grandma Heidi Powell” to distinguish her from the fitness celebrity by the same name, has a new domain name. Mrs. Powell, who lost her namesake domain HeidiPowell.com after a series of elaborate litigious moves that lasted 14 months and drained her financially, moved to Heidi-Powell.com. Said “Grandma” Heidi Powell on […]

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HeidiPowell.com : Original registrant getting billed by GoDaddy

Heidi Powell, the original registrant of the domain HeidiPowell.com, is livid; the loss of her domain, HeidiPowell.com, in a much publicized legal battle, wasn’t the end. After the domain was transferred away from her possession at GoDaddy, the registrar kept the charges going. As ludicrous as it seems, GoDaddy’s billing system continued to charge for […]

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NamePros : Heidi Powell .com domain case raises the issue of domains as property

An ongoing thread over at NamePros raises, once again, the issue of whether domain names are property. Contributing his vast knowledge on the subject of domain law, IP attorney and recent grandfather, John Berryhill, states: “And here we come to one of my pet peeves – the irrational insistence by some domainers that domain names […]

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