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#Domains of Danger: A report on #sex trafficking, #Covid19 and #domain speculators

The Digital Citizens Alliance released its latest report on questionable practices by domain speculators, last month. Titled “Domains of Danger: How Website Speculators and Registrars Trade Internet Safety for Profit,” the report identifies core issues in domain investing that enable criminal activities: COVID and Domains: Profiting From Fear and Panic Sex Trafficking & Domains Dangerous […]

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Escrow.com : Internet #Domain Index report for Q1 of 2019

Escrow.com, a premium DomainGang sponsor, produced an Internet “domain index” report, that provides insight into the domain name market for the first quarter of 2019, and as compared to previous quarters. The Escrow.com report reveals a variety of factors influence the value of domain names. In particular, the value of domain names with existing content […]

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WIPO UDRP Report : Domain name disputes up in 2015

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) released its 2015 report on domain name disputes. Spanning the period from January 1 and September 30th, 2015, the report shares some interesting metrics about domain disputes, as compared to 2014: 2,015 UDRP cases were filed in 2015, as compared to 1,940 in 2014; an increase of 3.9%. Regarding […]

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