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Donuts Platinum Domains: Interview with Matt Overman

Donuts, Inc. is the biggest operator in the new gTLD namespace, with 238 gTLDs in their domain portfolio. We interviewed Matt Overman, VP and GM of Aftermarket and Premium domains for Donuts, Inc. The main focus of this interview: Donuts Platinum Domains. DomainGang: Matt, what are the Donuts Platinum Domains; give us some more details, […]

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NameAgency : Six plus one questions with domain broker Jordi Gasull

NameAgency is home to a new boutique domain brokerage, founded by Jordi Gasull. Operating from NameAgency.com, the company offers domain name acquisitions, divestment strategies and brokerage services to eclectic clients. We sat across a virtual table, for a quick interview with Jordi Gasull, CEO of NameAgency; here’s what he had to say: DomainGang : Jordi, […]

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