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Donuts Platinum Domains: Interview with Matt Overman

Donuts, Inc. is the biggest operator in the new gTLD namespace, with 238 gTLDs in their domain portfolio. We interviewed Matt Overman, VP and GM of Aftermarket and Premium domains for Donuts, Inc. The main focus of this interview: Donuts Platinum Domains. DomainGang: Matt, what are the Donuts Platinum Domains; give us some more details, […]

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Exclusive: First photo of Matt Overman’s new role at Rightside

The great news about Matt Overman’s status upgrade from “god” to “super god” at Rightside was something that we would not miss. Matt has been doing a marvelous job over at NameJet for several years – aeons in domain terminology. While Jonathan Tenenbaum is taking over Matt’s spot, we were provided with the first exclusive […]

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