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Chinese domain sales report : LL .com goes to China – Elequa sells ‘XYZ’ domain!

The Chinese domain market is entertaining, for sure. Those who cached in their chips and made a healthy profit, we salute you. Last year was awesome, and despite early predictions, 2016 has been rather dull so far. Do not underestimate, however, the real domain power horse: LL .com domains. Two letter domains are the creme […]

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Two letter .com domain DY.com reported as “sold” for a $900k minimum

Two letter .com domains are extremely valuable and have become the Golden Chalice for corporations in China. It appears that yet another LL .com sale has occurred, for the domain DY.com. According to domain broker, James Booth, who did not broker the domain personally, DY.com was confirmed as “sold” by its seller; the price was […]

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