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eCOP escrow policeman retired

Francois of Domaining.com has retired the cop dressed in tactical police gear, that appeared on the escrow web site for domains, eCOP.com A new logo is gracing the new layout, that’s easy on the eyes and looks more related to financial transactions, than it did before. “After Nicolas Sarkozy defeat in France, many don’t like […]

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Francois introduces ‘EURO2012FRANCE’ coupon for eCop escrow

Francois – the French domainer entrepreneur behind Domaining.com – is introducing a brand new coupon to be used on his domain escrow marketplace, eCop.com. “Well, France need win Euro game football or say ‘zut!’ every time opponent score, and goal no come from France team!” exclaimed Francois, while anxiously awaiting the game between Ukraine and […]

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Anything goes in ECOP domain escrow – Says Francois!

Ah, it’s almost October in beautiful France; the trees are “fantastique” and the smell of freshly caught fish, brie cheese and burgundy wine is “orgasmique“. Back to domaining: Francois of Domaining.com is now able to offer customized domain escrow contracts at his escrow web site, ECOP.com “We escrow virtually any kind of transaction at ECOP.com […]

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