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Lavabit: Will it remain active as an ‘American company’?

Lavabit is a little known provider of encrypted email solutions; or should we say, it was one. Its creator, owner and operator, Ladar Levison, decided to suspend operations, after one of the company’s most notorious users appeared to be the former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden. Snowden sent out an email from a Lavabit email address; […]

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Stuck in the Cloud? What PRISM means for pro-active Data Privacy action

If you’ve been following the unfolding drama about “Where is Edward Snowden“, you might find interesting that WhereIsEdwardSnowden.com has already been registered. The ongoing understanding that government entities such as the NSA are actively filtering mass quantities of data via the PRISM initiative, leaves many domain investors feeling ‘naked’. Would the ability to snoop into […]

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