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MERGE! 2017 : Information and photos from day 3 in Orlando, Florida

We’ve been covering MERGE! 2017 in Orlando, Florida; the multi-discipline conference catering to domain investors, developers, cryptocurrency and blockchain boffins, and more. Day 3 of the MERGE! conference was quite busy, with a schedule spread across several rooms, allowing everyone to pick their preferred session. Lots of activities from 9am onward, kept visitors engaged and […]

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Remarkable revelation: Numeric domain 37.com was acquired for ‘free’

When the numeric domain 37.com was sold for almost $2 million dollars to a Chinese game maker, as reported by DNJournal, many gasped in astonishment over the size of the investment. While $2 big ones is a drop in the bucket for the buyer, 37Wan, some new information regarding the financials of the sale has […]

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