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Rolling Domainer: Special ICANN 49 issue about Globalism, NSA and the Internet

With ICANN 49 ongoing in Singapore, the new issue of the Rolling Domainer is out. Covering the ICANN push for a global, free Internet, as opposed to its tyrannic and oppressive 20 first years, the Rolling Domainer profiles Fadi Chehadé, ICANN CEO, in a ground-breaking interview. “Definitely the mix of politics and globalism reporting that […]

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Fadi Chehadé on video: We no longer need the stewardship of the [US] government

Just three days ago, ICANN announced the “beginning of the end”, as it applies to the US government overseeing core Internet functions. ICANN also released an FAQ document related to the transition. In a video released the same day, ICANN CEO, Fadi Chehadé, states: “This is a moment of triumph. This is a moment, where […]

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FAQ: ICANN says the Internet user won’t notice any difference from transition

The announcement by ICANN of the end of the US government’s control over the Internet, came at an awkward time on Friday. Surely, those who oppose the US involvement in anything, have a reason to celebrate; while there is no concrete timeline for implementing the changes, there are many questions left to discuss. ICANN 49 […]

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