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Teem.com : Does it matter that it hosted adult content?

Domain investor, Rick Schwartz, announced the sale of the domain Teem.com yesterday. The current, 1998 registration sold for an undisclosed amount, potentially including royalties, according to Domain Investing. This great new “joint venture” by Rick Schwartz has an interesting past, that its new owners didn’t seem to mind. According to DomainTools historic WHOIS, Teem.com was […]

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Domainer Comics : The King is not a Fool

This week we launched “Domainer Comics,” a fun look at current events related to domains and domain investors in general. 😀 If you missed the pilot issue, head over to “ICANN and the Cheese Sandwich” for some laughs. Today’s comic is about a case of trademark infringement, and Rick Schwartz’s swift move to defend his […]

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