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#Greek drama : Couple gets mixed in #UDRP proceedings over Mykonos #domain and brand

A Greek couple that ended up divorcing has taken their battle over a domain and brand, to the UDRP process. The Complainant and the Respondent were formerly married to each other since the 1980s, and were jointly involved in the operation of the Sea Satin Market Restaurant and Caprice Bar on the Greek island of […]

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#Domainer Frank Schilling turns 50 today – here’s a video from #Mykonos in #Greece

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Frank Schilling, is turning 50 years old today; the Uniregistry founder has been blessed with living in a great location in the Cayman Islands. Google knows it’s Frank’s birthday as well! 😀 In the past, Uniregistry employees surprised Frank Schilling with a “happy birthday” video. Last year, Frank celebrated his 49th […]

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Domainers flock to #Mykonos celebrating Frank Schilling’s birthday in #Greece

It’s Frank Schilling’s birthday today, and the Uniregistry founder is turning 49 years old. As a tribute to Frank’s final year in his 40s, domain industry icons are flocking to the Greek island of Mykonos, for a domainer party unlike no other. Some of the attendees include Ammar Kubba and his lovely wife, Jay Westerdal, […]

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