Payoneer added 2 domains to UDRP victory roster

Payoneer Global Inc. is an American financial services company that provides online money transfer, digital payment services and provides customers with working capital. Founded in 2005, Payoneer operates form the domain name and is very protective of its brand and matching trademark, PAYONEER. Since 2019, Payoneer has filed 16 UDRP cases at the WIPO, […]

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Payoneer, Inc., filed a UDRP against the domain, to protect its brand and trademark. The domain was registered late last year and it’s a direct infringement of the Payoneer brand. It was a lost case from the beginning and particularly after the Pakistani Respondent claimed that he had spent $2,500 dollars on the (hand-registered) […]

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Domain marketplace platform,, announced the introduction of a new partnership with Payoneer. The popular payout service will be available as an optional bank payout handler; it’s been used by millions of marketplace users on global platforms such as Airnbnb and Amazon. Note: is a premium sponsor of DomainGang. An early email by DAN […]

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#Payoneer customer claims there are payment issues with #domain escrow services

A Payoneer customer has shared his concern about a substantial delay in the release of funds. The company has maintained that its relationship with a Belize-based bank that defaulted, does not affect its domain escrow business. The statement was made at NamePros, as follows: I think there is something happening in Payoneer or they have […]

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Choice Bank : #Payoneer card issuer in liquidity-constrained position

Choice Bank of Belize, the card issuer for several adult payment solutions, is currently in “liquidity-constrained position” by the country’s regulatory authorities, according to sources. The Belize bank has established card payment systems with other companies, such as Paxum and Payoneer FirstChoice Pay. Due to the freezing of funds by Choice Bank, these payment systems […]

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Payoneer against Protected Parking : Who won the battle of the fidget spinners at MERGE!

Payoneer offers domain escrow services, operating from Protected Parking is a company offering domain monetization services, from Both companies attended MERGE! 2017 in Orlando, Florida, and we visited their exhibits to learn more about the services and products they offer. Naturally, both companies provided visitors with goodies, and in this case we were […]

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