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Sedo celebrates massive Germany win over Brazil with redesigned domain portal

Sedo, the German domain parking company with headquarters in Boston, celebrated the massive victory of the German soccer (football) team over Brazil, with 7-1. “We had ze redesign ready, expecting ze veectory of Deutschland über Brazil, und it happened zo fast!” exclaimed Sedo regional manager, Klaus Heinz Schullemuller. “We love futbol und Brazil soccer coach […]

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Sedo throws expensive party as Germany beats Portugal

Sedo – the German domainer company with offices in the US and the UK – is having a fun corporate party in Cologne, to celebrate Germany’s win against Portugal at Euro 2012. “Ve vant to say how exciting it iz to hear ze futbol rezults, uber exciting!” said Helga-Alice von Susteren, regional spokes-person for Sedo […]

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