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Yahoo says Rick’s about to take the West Coast by storm

As we noted in another exclusive post, the name “Rick” has reached cult status with the upcoming TRAFFIC New York 2009 – featuring 3 Rick’s: Rick Schwartz, Rick Latona and keynote speaker Rick Sanchez. Looks like “Rickfest 2009” will be a huge success, just like any other TRAFFIC conference, with domainers flocking in to sample […]

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Louisiana justice of the peace won’t marry Domainers with non-Domainers

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – The Slimy Bayou News Timothy “Duffy” McDonaldson is an unassuming contractor for the military; he spends his time off work fishing at the quiet waters of Louisiana’s numerous lakes. Meanwhile, his fiancée of two years, Matilda “Luscious” Santana is a busy domainer entrepreneur. Last year, Matilda won the much-coveted award for […]

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