It’s official: Donny Simonton CEO of Voodoo Inc.

Donny Simonton was a key player of the now extinct; the once popular PPC company that was acquired by Domain Apps. Always eager to assist with user problems, Donny moved on to Voodoo Inc – a new domain monetization company that sports a killer name and delivers hot results for domainers that need to […]

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What happened to Parked?

What happened to ? That’s the headline of a thread over at popular domain forum, The discussion amongst domainers focuses on the dramatic drop in PPC at Once touted as the top domain monetization solution rivaling even Sedo, Parked appears to have lost its appeal among domainers that park their domains. Not […]

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Major changes coming to web site

There are some major changes coming up to the web site of popular PPC company, Known for facilitating one of the most effective web sites around, announced that despite the good looks it has retained for several years now, it’s always time for a change. “The green color we use throughout isn’t going […]

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Major league PPC provider, has kept the final stats in the freezer for the 7th consecutive day today, after some of its advertising channels apparently flip-flopped on the stats of their own. One cannot but wonder whether Yahoo – the main advertising provider for Parked – is running out of cash – their recent […]

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DomainGang is giving away a FREE coupon to Domainer Mardi Gras!

We are giving away a FREE coupon to Domainer Mardi Gras – the domainer gathering with the most beads and the best crawfish this side of the gulf! All you have to do is leave a comment below; one winner will be picked at 9pm Eastern tonight from all comments entered by that time. Please […]

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Louisiana justice of the peace won’t marry Domainers with non-Domainers

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – The Slimy Bayou News Timothy “Duffy” McDonaldson is an unassuming contractor for the military; he spends his time off work fishing at the quiet waters of Louisiana’s numerous lakes. Meanwhile, his fiancée of two years, Matilda “Luscious” Santana is a busy domainer entrepreneur. Last year, Matilda won the much-coveted award for […]

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