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What happened to Parked?

There's something wrong at Parked.com

What happened to Parked.com ? That’s the headline of a thread over at popular domain forum, DNForum.com

The discussion amongst domainers focuses on the dramatic drop in PPC at Parked.com. Once touted as the top domain monetization solution rivaling even Sedo, Parked appears to have lost its appeal among domainers that park their domains.

Not everything about Parked.com is bad, however.

The Parked.com portfolio manager sports a fast and clear interface that leads to stats and allows management of domains with a couple of clicks maximum. Also, the people of Parked are known to be amongst the top professionals in the domain industry.

So what is wrong with Parked?

Blame it on Bing and Yahoo, the feeds that drive the advertising channels – and therefore the revenue – of domains parked on the Parked.com platform.

Yahoo has been classifying non dot com TLDs as of low quality, including the US national TLD, .us.

Furthermore, classification of domains in various categories such as guns/ammo/tobacco/alcohol/trademark further trim the potential earnings. In other words, Yahoo as a feed provider has been a total destruction for Parked.com – unlike Sedo that primarily uses Google feeds.

Domainer David Green says:

They went way overboard on censorship by wrongly banning .biz and .us names (said to be all poor quality according to parked.com) to banning names like stun gun, taser gun, beer related, plus names with the word females in the url on the false ground it’s adult. They also banned many names with words like buttocks, breasts, massage, young children, facial wrinkles, eyelids, facial skin even though the sites were about main-stream businesses and non-adult.

It’s an alarming situation that Parked needs to address seriously and imminently, if they want to regain the #1 position amongst the popular domain parking companies.


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2 Responses to “What happened to Parked?”
  1. BullS says:

    Dudh…because they don’t know how to park. That why they need
    Google Autopilot Car

    LMBFSAO( laughing my big f*&^ stinkin A** off)

  2. You know who says:

    RIP parked a.k.a. now VOODOO since Parked was basically Donny, he made it magic.

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