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Finally, New York gets a glimpse of Danica Patrick’s legs!

Two days ago we provided a scoop on the new, full page ad of GoDaddy featuring Danica Patrick‘s flesh tones. The ad appeared on the December 23rd edition of USA Today and cost almost a quarter of a million dollars! The New York Times featured the same ad today, as seen at AllThingsDigital. Our scan […]

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Video: The shocking truth about SOPA pushers

This anti-SOPA YouTube video already has amassed more than half a million views! Aptly titled, “Be a HERO and Help STOP SOPA Now!!” it presents the shocking truth about how avid supporters of the SOPA bill actively promoted and encouraged the use of file-sharing software. Watch below!

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GoDaddy issues “YallComeBackYaHear” coupon code offering huge discounts!

Facing extreme competition from registrars such as Name.com and Namecheap that reportedly led to 40,000 domains moved away from GoDaddy, the world’s biggest registrar is getting ready to retaliate. A new GoDaddy coupon code is currently making the rounds, offering discounts of 80% for all domains that are moved away from Name.com and Namechep and […]

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Danica Patrick’s legs priced at $242,600 and what GoDaddy did with them!

A full page color ad for GoDaddy appeared on the Friday, December 23rd edition of USA Today. We’re talking about the print edition, which costs $1 at the newsstands across the US. The GoDaddy ad, features a seductive Danica Patrick appearing all leggy and smiling, hiding most of her upper body behind a panel, inviting […]

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ByeDaddy.org capitalizes on GoDaddy’s stance on SOPA

A new, non-complex web site at ByeDaddy.org attempts to add a humorous and rather silly twist to the SOPA saga of GoDaddy. Since Bob Parsons flip-flopped on the support of the Stop Online Piracy Act, thousands of domains have been transferred away from the world’s largest registrar. ByeDaddy.org simply looks up a domain and confirms […]

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Seven things to know about SOPA and its controversial legislation

The domain world is abuzz with the SOPA bill which gives the US government the ability to rule with an iron fist anything remotely linked to or suspected of unlicensed or unauthorized information, without much of a due process. What exactly is the SOPA bill and what are the key points this legislation raises? What […]

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