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[DPOTD] Domainer Poll of the Day: Will Tax .com fare better than the .info ?

The domain name Tax.com has been put on the proverbial ‘chopping block‘, after the “world’s #1 domain broker“, Ryan Colby, announced its availability for purchase. Recently, the domain name Tax.info failed to attract high bids, selling on NameJet for a lowly $10,805. On top of being a popular financial keyword, tax.com is also a three […]

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Uncle Sam is sad: Tax.info sells for peanuts on NameJet

Afilias has been peddling off its long-held generic .info gems, and although Wine.info sold for more than $13k today, Tax.info didn’t fare as well. The auction for Tax.info – a keyword with half as many results on Google as ‘death’ – was held at NameJet, like the rest of the Afilias one-worders. After 138 bidders […]

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