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#Game .com : Former Hasbro #domain launches as a #crypto VC platform

Game.com, the former domain asset of gaming giant Hasbro, has officially launched as an online multi-function platform, which centers on blockchain-supported gaming content. The domain itself was sold for $3.4 million dollars in 2014, and it’s now being used to crowdfund platforms, social IM tools and capital support area. From toy games to crypto games, […]

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Tron Guy capitalizes on ‘Tron’ sequel craze

The Tron movie came out in 1982 and unleashed itself onto an unsuspected crowd of teenagers. The first commercial personal computer had been released less than a year earlier by IBM. Starring Jeff Bridges, Tron went on to become a milestone of the movie industry, the first to incorporate computer-generated sequences combined with real actors. […]

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