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Venezuela : Crisis brings .VE domain Registry down

The political and financial crisis in Venezuela has taken yet another victim, courtesy of the Latin American nation’s leadership. The national ccTLD registry for  .VE domain names appears to have lost its content, displaying an error page instead. Registro.nic.ve is the web site that handles and manages dot .VE domain names, and up until July […]

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Government of Venezuela seizes all non-ccTLD domains

As of this morning, the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is seizing all domain names that don’t end in the country’s ccTLD, dot .VE. Juan Ramon Chingalo, manager of the IT Servicios Publicos de Venezuela, stated (translated from Spanish) : “The Venezuelan government wishes to end the capitalist oppression by America and other […]

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Castro and Chavez prepare friendly attack on Colombia’s TLD

As we wrote a few days ago, Fidel Castro – the Cuban ex dictator – is preparing the launch of Cuba’s national TLD as a marketing tool against Capitalism. Touted as “See You!” the English equivalent to “Hasta la vista!” the Cuban TLD .cu will most likely be used by social media freaks and marketing […]

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