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Domain companies to be grateful for : DomainTools

As we’re heading into the final days of 2015, it’s time to reflect onto the domain industry companies that helped make this a superb and prosperous year in domain investing. After our coverage of Escrow.com, it’s time to extend our thanks to an indispensable research tool: DomainTools. The majority of domain investors point their browser […]

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ICANN: Fundamental ‘thick WHOIS’ changes might include DNA identification

The race is on for ICANN to receive initial support from authoritative domainers and companies, and proceed with a massive overhaul of the WHOIS system. While the voice of reason still echoes in the discussion forum that ICANN has allocated, new information has come to light about the details of the WHOIS overhaul. “We would […]

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George Kirikos: ICANN WHOIS Reform Proposal has a Friday deadline for commentary

Domain investor, George Kirikos, has commented on an important deadline, regarding ICANN’s WHOIS Reform Proposal. The deadline for public comments is tomorrow, Friday, as seen at the ICANN web site. George Kirikos has provided a link to his own comments, where he raises several issues related to the purpose and effectiveness of the proposed changes. […]

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